We are a friendly group of stamp collectors that meet once a month for auctions, presentations and philatelic conversations.

Welcome All

A few stamps that reflect our beautiful city's name

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April 7, 2020



All countries and all periods of time are within our mutual enjoyment. Whether you collect postage, covers, seals or philatelic specialty items of any sort, they will all be of great interest to our members.

Go to Location-Contact for a map to our meeting location or to contact us with your questions.

Santa Rosa Stamp Club

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Sharing philatelic interests provides a wonderful opportunity to tap into the knowledge of our many members.  Together we represent hundreds of years of collecting experience and surely this resource will be of value to you.  Our monthly auctions will also give you opportunities to add to your collection.  

First Tuesdays at 6:45 PM

Benefits of Membership

​Meetings are in Santa Rosa, California  at Santa Rosa's Finley Center. Go to Location-Contact for details. Our members welcome you with coffee and cookies at our delightful venue every month. Yearly activities include special functions such as the Christmas Party.