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The Santa Rosa Stamp Club enters its 6th year in 2019!  We look forward to the meetings ahead as we share our interest in this great hobby.

Please note that we will be at our Finley Center venue for our March 5th, 2019 meeting.  The Finley Center is located at 2060 West College Avenue in Santa Rosa.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:45 in Room 25.

                 ~~Presentation :  "Collecting and Exhibiting Topical Stamps"  ~~

Our presentation will be introduced by Steve Brett and Paul von Gottfried who will begin discussing the collecting of Topical stamps.  Then, in a new format, four club members will each present various topical collection details as examples of this collection specialty.

The presenters and their topics.............:


                        "Owls on Stamps":  

                              Susan Dixon

                      "Trains on Stamps":  

                          Jerry Campbell

"Mathematical Formulas on Stamps":  

                            Bill Anklam

               "Stamps on Stamps":  

                        Dennis Buss

Examples of each will be featured as well as a question and answer period for each of the presenters.   A departure from most of our presentation topics, this evening promises to be an interesting opportunity to learn about collecting topical stamps and to learn why our members are attracted to this aspect of philately.  Please come and enjoy the presentations.  We thank Steve, Paul, Susan, Jerry, Bill and Dennis for their presentations and know that if you come you will really enjoy this special meeting!

We will have our usual business reports from Sue Dixon (club finances), Dennis Buss (correspondence and minutes), and Steve Brett (presentation program).

Jerry Campbell reminds members who took home any of the country shoe box lots in the past to return them.  He would like to give every member an opportunity to look over as many lots as they are interested in.  The cost of each stamp taken is 5 cents payable to the club. 

Our usual auction will be conducted by Marty Steiner with the assistance of Sue Dixon, Barb Greiss, and Kurt Schau.  Members are encouraged to support the auction by both offering items for sale as well as by bidding.  

There will also be our usual "Buy it Now Table" and you may bring no more than 3 for sale items, all listed under $5.   For the Club Auction there is a limit of up to 5 items with minimum bid of at least $5.  Members offering items for sale and/or the auction are encouraged to arrive at 6:30 pm or a bit sooner to set up their offerings.  All members are encouraged to bring a variety of cash as well.

                         MEETING AGENDA and NEWS
Our meeting agenda will address the following items:
1.  Any noted philatelic donations to the club, should there be such.

2. Introduction of visitors and business portion of the meeting.

3. Presentation by Steve Brett, Paul von Gottfreid and four other club members.

4. The Club Auction, at the close of the business and presentation portions.

Because our meeting must adjourn by 9:00 pm, the more advance notice we receive about auction items, the faster the auction will proceed.

2019 Membership Renewals at $20 will be collected prior to the start of the meeting (cash or checks made payable to the Santa Rosa Stamp Club).  If you are unable to attend, you can mail your dues to Sue Dixon.  They are now $20 to help pay for our facility.  Sue's address is 1038 Benton Street, Santa Rosa 95404 .

Also, please remind yourself to submit articles for the next edition of the Newsletter to Dennis BussWe also continue to need material to post on the Philatelic Gems portion of this website..... please send Dennis something of interest.  Should there be no contributions to the Philatelic Gems portion of this website we may wish to drop this feature.